Valery 1st Year Anniversary Reflections

We opened 1 year ago on the 11th March 2021.

As with most businesses in Mojacar, we have had an eventful 2021. We survived International Travel bans, no tourism, locals nervous about public socialising, Lockdowns, Covid restrictions with capacity laws, mask laws, drinking at bar laws, dancing laws, smoking laws, Curfews and opening restrictions after 6pm, after 10.30 pm, after 11pm, after 12pm and 2pm, no live music until June ( somewhat a challenge for a music bar…) and other laws that we cannot even remember now. Then Covid Passports and finally Omicron Covid ripping through Mojacar once again during  Christmas / New Year 2021.

As a start up venture, Valery had a challenging induction to Mojacar and without the support of the local community we would not have survived.

Here is a picture of where we were exactly 1 week prior to opening, we have been on an adventure , it’s been very hard work, long hours and a lot of stress but we loved every minute of it (well – most of the minutes!!).

We had Ashley painting Valery for 2 months (done a great job), furniture, signage, plants, grass, staff recruitment, uniforms , chefs, food, websites and cocktail menus. 

We hope that the locals of  Mojacar and surrounding areas  have enjoyed our 1st Year at Valery and we would like to thank each and every one of you who visited us. We hope that you all enjoyed the ride and that we have created some memories!!!

You are all very more than welcome to have a beer on us this Friday at 8pm and thank you once again for all of your support.🙏🙏.


We would also like to raise a glass to all of our hardworking team who have worked tirelessly this past year and without which none of the Valery Journey would have been possible. Without our great Family, we have nothing 👏👏.


Not forgetting all of our Musicians, Bands and Entertainers that have performed for us over the last year – they have given us some fantastic entertainment!!

If you cannot make Friday evening, we will be giving out free shots amongst other items on Saturday and Sunday x

Finally, We would like to wish all businesses in Mojacar and surrounding areas all the very, very best for 2022 – surely it has to be a bit easier than 2021? Hasn’t it ……??  🤣👍

Love Nancy, Jay and all the Valery Family xx


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